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Designed by our Early Childhood teacher using the assessment and planning cycle. The learning outcomes in our curriculum approach align with both The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG). 

Using observations of the children while they are learning as well as the children’s own, family and staff goals for each child, we plan appropriate learning intentions and activities for individual, small and group activities. 

Our educators’ partner with all children and families to create caring and vibrant learning communities. Our curriculum has an anti-bias focus, which promotes inclusion, equity, respect, individual empowerment, and diversity. Our focus is to honour the child’s rights to play, learn and have fun to develop a love of their own learning journey.




  • We foster engaging and trusting relationships to promote children's sense of security and belonging.

  • We are responsive to children's voices and reflect on their interests to further enhance their learning through play experiences

  • Our respectful and reciprocal relationships build a sense of well-being, inviting opportunities for learning and development.


  • Collaborative partnerships with families are essential to ensure high quality education and care for children.

  • We invite positive relationships with families, to ensure valuable input towards their children's learning and development.

  • We maintain our connections with families through verbal communication such as online sharing through Storypark.

Our community and the world around us

  • We explore community connections in our Centre through enriching incursions that deepen the children's knowledge and connection to their self-identity.

  • Educators strive to introduce and include opportunities to explore our community and Cultures within it.

Our educators provide for child autonomy and success through provision of a
play-based curriculum where intentional teaching guides and enhances each child’s learning and outcomes.

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