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Meet OUR St. Alban's Family


Our team of qualified educators work closely together on all aspects of the program and care of the children.


The St Alban’s Wilston Director/Nominated Supervisor is a university qualified Teacher, working alongside a University qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Together they program and plan for the whole centre regarding the curriculum, learning activities, routines, and rosters. These two positions are supported by three qualified educators that assist in all aspects of education and care for the children and families.

AJ mugshot.jpeg


  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education
    and Care

About Me: I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful children, Megan 28, Brooke 24 and Jack 18. Michael and I have recently become grandparents sharing our love with baby Charlie born Dec. 2022.   Proud Mum moment – while I am super proud of all my children, Jack is currently completing year 12 at Kelvin Grove State college and continue to excel in the Golf Excellence program so much so that he has been offered a Traineeship with Keperra Golf Club. We’re not sure where this sporting skills originated from, but Michael is living his best life being Jack’s Caddy.

About Teaching: I have been working with children for over 25 years now and I am delighted to be a part of little people’s lives, encouraging learning through play while developing life skills to shine in the future.  I believe Early childhood Education and Care is all about quality care giving moments and best practice for all children to experience a sense of being, belonging and becoming in a warm and inviting environment.

Colleen Coetzer.png

Colleen Coetzer

Early Childhood Teacher

  • Bachelor of Teacher Early Childhood Education

About Me: Teaching experience: I have been an early childhood teacher for nearly 8 years and have worked with all ages under five. I completed my training in New Zealand and spent the last year working as a kindergarten teacher in Brisbane. I am very passionate about providing children with agency in their learning and believe that they learn best when they’re involved in the planning of their learning. I enjoy facilitating learning environments that provide children with enthusiasm for learning and spark curiosity and creative thinking. I am very excited to get to know all of you, please come and say hi when you get a chance.


Premie Marrable

Assistant Centre Director
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education 
    and Care
  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce 
    (Accounting – Philippines)

About Me: I am a mother of one adorable child (Amy). I’ve been in Australia over 25 years ago. Originally, I came from the Philippines, aside from taking care of my beautiful family. Also, I love exploring, travelling, fishing, gardening, and cooking.

About Teaching: I find working with young children so rewarding as I get to work with my favourite people. Watching them develop and learn new skills and new ideas is such a great feeling. It is fulfilling to give support and guidance to children as they are developing their independence. I know that I have some type of influence in preparing them to start school and then I can witness the milestones in the children’s learning journey.

“If you treat everyone with respect and kindness, and I am treated the same, then we build a more loving and kinder world”.


Rachel Cave


  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education
    and Care
  • Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management (Philippines)

About Me: Hi my name is Rachel, and I belong to the quarter of the population of Australia who came from another culture. My husband and I, together with my two beautiful children came from the Philippines, 11 years ago. Back then and until now, we all loved the outdoors and we’ve been travelling a lot of places in Australia during school breaks, but we are not halfway there. Aside from travelling, I am a bookworm and love gardening. 

About Teaching: My curiosity about children’s learning and development started when I had my first born, and now these becomes my passion. Every day is a learning experience for me, children made me laugh and sometimes they melt my heart. As an educator I see them as our future generation that will build our community and our nation. In their early childhood life, it is fundamental to shape their foundation for them to become responsible and loving individual. Educators are here to lead and support them, with the Framework as our guidance, it will help us to achieve their full development. I see every child as a unique individual. They have their own ability, personality, character, and temperament. Viewing them from this perspective helps me to provide the requirements they need to develop as an individual. Being an educator is a vocation where I found the joy of receiving an unconditional love from the children in my care.  

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